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          ChongQing NanFang Numerical Control Equipment CO.,LTD was found in 2004.The featured product is South990 Hemorheology Analyzer, Successfully served more than 10,000 clinical medical institutions throughout the country,  Hemorheology Analyzer of pressure sensing leader, It is the first choice for Chinese private medical institutions and medical examination centers.


          It is a company that users, employees and shareholders always trust and support.


          Create excellent corporation of China blood test equipment.

          Core values

          Value and enrich our people:
          Satisfy user needs
          Respect employee
          Technological innovation:
          Stick to the strategy of leading the technology
          Stick to the construction of quality management system
          Insist on reading and study and act according to law

          • 2017

            · Hemorheology Analyzer South990TT, South990BT3, South990JK3, South990JS3 completed registration, marketed.
            · ChongQing share transfer center listing.

          • 2016

            · Multi-channel Hemorheology Analyzer South990FT completed registration, marketed.
            · Foreign Investment: Chongqing OutDo medical laboratory founded.
            · Chongqing Blood Testing Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center founded.
            · Chongqing Famous Trademark.

          • 2014

            · Hemorheology Analyzer South990ATT, South990JK, completed registration, marketed.
            · IUR (Industry-University-Research):cooperation with the school of pharmacy and bioengineering of Chongqing University of Technology.

          • 2013

            · national high-tech enterprises
            · high-tech product in Chongqing and a key new product in Chongqing
            · Technical innovation fund of science and technology department of the ministry of science and technology
            · National Ministry of Science and Technology, Domestically-Innovated Medical Devices, "Ten Millions of Projects" Demonstration Products
            · Chongqing Intellectual Property Pilot Unit

          • 2012

            · ESR analyzer NF-9906 and NF-9910 are registered and marketed.
            · Cooperative with Meinian Onehealth Healthcare (Group) Co., Ltd

          • 2011

            · ESR analyzer NF-9905 completes registration and marketed

          • 2010

            · ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003 certification
            · “South990” Trademark Registration
            · Hemorheology Analyzer was rated as a high-tech product in Chongqing

          • 2008

            · National center forClinical Laboratories qualified.

          • 2007

            · Hemorheology Analyzer South990BT, South990BTT completed registration, marketed

          • 2005

            · Hemorheology Analyzer South990BZ, South990JZ completed registration, marketed

          • 2004

            · ChongQing NanFang Numerical Control Equipment CO.,LTD  was founded in 2004.10.19
            · Hemorheology Analyzer South990B, South990J, South990JS completed registration, marketed